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Pet Supplies College Station, TX
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14675 Wellborn Road, College Station, TX 77845

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. | Closed Sundays


Garden Supplies

Garden Supplies, Tools & Accessories for College Station, TX

When you want to plant a beautiful and vivacious garden, you’re going to need some excellent tools to back up your handy work. Luckily, America's Country Store has everything you need to plan and build a gorgeous garden. 

We offer a wide variety of tools, supplies, and equipment. Choose from gardening gloves, shovels, plants, pots, mulch, and more. Stop in to browse our inventory. 

Gardening Tips

Great gardens don't just happen they are created and maintained. Let us help you with the best products for maintaining your beautiful garden. If organic is what you want, we have potting mixes, fertilizers, insect control, weed control and disease control products that are completely organic. If you want traditional products we have those too.

Add in one of our beautiful water features, bird baths, wind chimes or concrete decor to complete your garden oasis. 

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