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Pet Supplies College Station, TX
Our Location
14675 Wellborn Road, College Station, TX 77845

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. | Closed Sundays



Equine, Cattle, Poultry Feed & More for College Station, TX

America's Country Store provides a variety of the best feeds for many types of farm or ranch animals. 

Equine Feed

When you come to America's Country Store, you can expect to find the best selection of horse feed and essentials. 

• Horse Supplements
• Horse Tack & Supplies
• Horse Grooming Supplies
Show Chow
It takes a high-quality show feed along with the best selection of animals to produce a Blue Ribbon for the Winner's Circle. Look to the experts to help you select the right feed for the right animal. We have proven winners in the show ring using the best quality feed. Stop by and ask what will work best for your next trophy winner.

Honor Show Chow® Beef Cattle Feed
Chickens are fun to watch, make great pets, home grown eggs are more nutritious, and they are the easiest farm animals to raise. Feed them the best feed. 
Sheep & Goats
We offer the best feed for your sheep or goats. Whether your sheep and goats are a hobby, a family pet or you have a herd you are raising, we have the feed for you. Whatever you are trying to accomplish we offer a variety of formulas.

Each of the formulas provides all the essential nutrients for growth, maintenance, and reproduction. And when you buy goat products from us, you can rest assured that it contains only the freshest, finest ingredients.

For more information visit the sites below.
Game & Wildlife
• Large Flake
• Eco Flake
• Mini Flake

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